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Zoe Reardon Bio

Zoe Reardon is a 19-year-old Georgia woman who struck and killed three people, including a mother and her infant in September 2017. On March 12th, 2019, the court announced that she will face no jail time after entering a guilty plea.

Zoe Reardon Known Fast Facts

Zoe Reardon Age

She is currently 19 years old

Zoe Reardon Parents

Dan Reardon (Father) and Garnet Reardon (Mother)

Zoe Reardon Education

Southern Methodist University in Dallas

Zoe Reardon Charges

Records indicate Reardon faces eight misdemeanor counts including second-degree homicide by vehicle charges alleging she “failed to exercise due care in operating a motor vehicle on Arnold Mill Road and engaged in the action of putting away her cellular telephone which distracted her.”

Zoe Reardon Accident Victims and Family Statements

Zoe Reardon’s victims in the accident were 28-year-old Kaitlin Hunt, 3-month-old Riley Hunt and 61-year-old Kathy Deming. At the time of the accident, Hunt, who was originally from Marietta, Georgia, was at the time stationed with the Coast Guard in Florida. She’d traveled with her infant to Atlanta to escape Hurricane Irma.

The Hunt family forwarded a statement to local media, which read in part that what they needed was for Reardon to be held to account.

Deming’s husband Mike Deming said that Reardon’s claim the victims “walked out in front” of her was untrue: “That didn’t happen, and you know it didn’t happen.”

Zoe Reardon Charges and Testimony

Authorities filed no charges at the time (2017) because they found that Reardon had not been speeding and wasn’t under the influence when she hit the three pedestrians with her SUV while they attempted to cross Arnold Mill Road in Woodstock, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

While in Court on March 12th, Reardon said “I want to take this opportunity to say how truly sorry I am,” She claimed she took a plea deal to avoid a trial. She will serve probation, pay a fine and do community service. Reardon gets her license back and once her probation is done, the conviction will be taken off her record. She is a student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Reardon is being allowed to report to probation in Texas.

The initial charges included distracted driving because it was alleged Reardon, then 17, was texting. It was revealed her last text was two minutes before she ran down Riley, her baby, and friend Deming. Her lawyer argued the accident was just that, an accident.

Reardon’s defense attorney Manny Arora said her last text to her father about dinner was made two minutes before she ran down the victims.

“She sent a text message two minutes and 40 seconds prior to the accident when she was stopped. There’s no other issue on the phone … nothing else that was touched on that phone. It’s just a red herring to try and poison the jury, in my opinion,” he told the news station.

In an interview with local media, Reardon said she’d texted her father a few minutes before, but claimed she was stopped at a light. She disputed claims that she was distracted as she put her phone away in her bag; she told investigators it was on the passenger seat but also said it was on the car floor.

Zoe Reardon Parents Statements

In a statement following the accident her father,  Dan Reardon said. “I just can’t imagine their pain.” Her mother, Garnet Reardon, on the other hand, said, “I have so often wanted to reach out to them and tell them how sad I am.”

Zoe Reardon Investigations

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office investigation team found out that she was not texting and driving at the time. It was noted in a police investigation report that there were “no streetlights or crosswalks, and Reardon was driving between 28 and 36 miles per hour in the 35 mph zone. The report also noted the victims were wearing dark clothing.

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