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Trayvon Martin Wiki – Trayvon Martin Biography

Trayvon Martin Wiki

Trayvon Benjamin Martin was born on February 5, 1995, Dies February 26, 2012.  Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old African American teenager from Miami Gardens, Florida, who was fatally shot in Sanford, Florida by George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin had gone with his father on a visit to his father’s fiancée at her townhouse at The Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford. On the evening of February 26, Trayvon Martin was walking back alone to the fiancée’s house after purchasing a bag of Skittles and an Arizona iced tea at a nearby convenience store. Zimmerman, a member of the community watch, saw Trayvon Martin and reported him to the Sanford Police as suspicious. Moments later, an altercation between the two individuals took place and Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin in the chest.

Zimmerman, injured during the encounter, claimed self-defense in the confrontation and was not charged at the time. The police said there was no evidence to refute his claim of self-defense, and that Florida’s stand your ground law prohibited law-enforcement officials from arresting or charging him. After national media focused on the tragedy, Zimmerman was eventually charged and tried in Trayvon Martins death. A jury acquitted him of second-degree murder and manslaughter in July 2013.

Trayvon Biography

Trayvon Martin was born in 1995 in Miami, Florida, to Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, who divorced in 1999. At the time of the shooting, Fulton was a program coordinator for the Miami Dade Housing Authority, and Tracy was a truck driver; they lived near each other in Miami Gardens. Martin’s older brother, Jahavaris Fulton, was 21 years old at the time of his brother’s death and was enrolled as an information technology major at Florida International University. Jahavaris would later serve, in July 2013, as an intern for Representative Frederica Wilson, who represents Florida’s 24th congressional district. Jahvaris had participated in the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project. Founded 20 years earlier by Wilson, this mentoring program addresses needs and issues facing at-risk boys in Miami-Dade schools.

After being divorced, Trayvon Martin‘s father married Alicia Stanley, who had two daughters from a previous marriage. They met when Trayvon Martin was about three years old. Stanley and Martin’s father were together for about 14 years. Stanley told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that before she and Tracy Martin separated, Trayvon Martin was with her 90% of the time and that she went to all his football games and took care of him when he was sick. She said that Trayvon Martin was a kind and loving person, not a ‘thug’ as the media portrayed him.

Death and Cause Trayvon Benjamin Martin

Tracy Martin said he took his son to Sanford “to disconnect and get his priorities straight”. Trayvon Martin had been to Twin Lakes several times before with his father and sometimes played football with the kids in the neighborhood. On the night of the shooting, Tracy was out to dinner with his fiancée. Brandy Green, while Trayvon Martin and Green’s son stayed at home. Watching TV and playing video games. Trayvon Martin went out. Walking to a local 7-11 store where he bought Skittles for Green’s son and an Arizona watermelon drink.

As Trayvon Martin was returning from the store to the Twin Lakes neighborhood, George Zimmerman, a volunteer Neighborhood Watch person, spotted Trayvon Martin, who was 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m) tall and weighed 158 pounds (72 kg) at the time of his death. Zimmerman called Sanford police to report Trayvon Martin, who he said appeared “suspicious”. There was an altercation between the two individuals in which Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, killing him. Zimmerman claimed self-defense and was eventually charged in Trayvon Martins death. On June 10, 2013, Zimmerman’s trial began in Sanford and on July 13, a jury acquitted him of second-degree murder and of manslaughter charges.

Martin would have turned 24 today

Trayvon Martin would have turned 24 years old Tuesday.

He 17 when he was shot and killed by community watch member George Zimmerman in 2012 in Sanford, Florida.

Weeks later, Zimmerman was arrested for second-degree murder. Zimmerman claimed self-defense, and a Florida jury ultimately found him not guilty in 2013.

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