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Pierre de Saintignon Bio

Pierre de Saintignon (22 May 1948 – 9 March 2019) was a French politician. He was a member of the French Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste, or PS) since 1967. He was elected councilor to the Lille municipality in 1989, 1995, 2001, 2008 and 2014, the first two terms under the Pierre Mauroy’s lead and the other three under the Martine Aubry’s lead. From 2001,

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he is the First Deputy-Mayor, in charge of Finance, Economic development and Military matters. Most of his political career was as a kind of Chief of Staff,[4][5][6] rather than as a foreground person.

Since the forecasts were not good (below 20% for the first step and below 33% for the second), an alleged lack of notoriety has been put forward as a possible explanation. In this context, an experiment was launched by the Nord Littoral newspaper in order to measure if the candidate was sufficiently well known to deserve an entry in the French Wikipedia.

Pierre de Saintignon Cause of Death

He died Saturday morning, 09 March 2019.

Pierre de Saintignon Early Life and Education

Pierre de was born on 22 May 1948 i Angers, a city in western France, about 300 km southwest of Paris. He is the third in a family of five boys. His mother, Monique Larmoyer, is a speech and language therapist. After the Liberation he became Directeur de la Population (in charge of Health and Welfare) for the Maine-et-Loir department. The Saintignon were a Lotharingian noble family from Verdun. Notable members of the family were Fernand de Saintignon (1846–1921), ironmaster at Longwy and. Pierre Amidieu du Clos (1881–1955), deputy and mayor of Longwy.

Pierre de Saintignon Carrer

Then, living in Paris, he joined in 1967 the SFIO, two years before its replacement by the today’s PS. The same year, he entered the Inserm (French Institute of Health and Medical Research, more precisely the CTNEAI (National Technical Center for Impaired Childhood and Adolescence). He endorsed missions in five French departments, one of them at Grenoble, with its mayor Hubert Dubedout (PS). He also did five years of research on child abuse at the Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital.

In 1977, he moved to Lille, north of France, to become the administrative director of the Sauvegarde du Nord, an association that supports people facing adversities, mainly young people. From his results, he was recruited in 1990 to become a director of Darty, a leader of Electrical retailing in France. He stays 10 years in the group.

Pierre de Saintignon Municipal and regional representative

He remains an elected councilor, the respective scores of the PS leaded lists being 53.86%(1989), 48.5%(1995), 49.6%(2001), 66.6%(2008), 52,05%(2014). From the 1989, he is in charge of social insertion and economic development With the rank of First Deputy Mayor from 2001, when Martine Aubry became Mayor in succession of Pierre Mauroy.

Moreover, he was member of the staff of several Ministers.  He is often described as a go-between towards the Industry and Finance circles and, more generally, as an efficient negotiator.