Nicola Gobbo Bio

Nicola Gobbo is a prominent criminal lawyer in Melbourne, Australia. Court denies last-ditch attempt to protect the identity of the defense lawyer who allegedly double-crossed her gangland clients.

Nicola Gobbo Nationality Australian
Nicola Gobbo Occupation lawyer
Nicola Gobbo Known for corruption cases

Nicola Gobbo1996

Gobbo first came to public attention during the 1996 Australian federal election. In the last week of the campaign, ALP Treasurer Ralph Willis used letters purportedly from Jeff Kennett, a Liberal, criticizing Liberal leader John Howard, but the letters were quickly exposed as forgeries. Gobbo, an ALP member, publicly claimed that the forger was a Liberal staffer who had intended for the forgery to pass initial inspection then rebound on the ALP.

Nicola Gobbo Witness

Gobbo was a witness against Paul Dale, a former policeman accused of corruption. An eleven-page statement she drafted asserted she had clandestinely served as a courier, passing messages between her clients and their confederates, when they were in jail. Her statement said that she passed messages between Hodson and Dale.

She has asserted that Australian authorities have not fulfilled assurances made to her about protecting her safety. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation repeated that Gobbo asserted she had received death threats due to her planned testimony.


Nicola Gobbo Lawyer X scandal

Between 1995 and 2009, Gobbo was a registered police informant, whilst also working as a defence lawyer for many of Melbourne’s organised crime figures. She passed Victoria Police information about her clients whilst representing them, leading to the prospect of many convictions being overturned. During media coverage of the scandal in 2018 and 2019, Gobbo’s identity was subject to a suppression order, and she was referred to in the media only as Lawyer X or Informer 3838.

Nicola Gobbo Personal Biography

When the hit TV show Desperate Housewives first premiered in Australia in 2004 Gobbo was one of the prominent Australian women from whom The Age sought a reaction.

She is the cousin of a Melbourne barrister, Jeremy Gobbo QC. She is also the niece of the former Governor of Victoria Sir James Gobbo.

Nicola Gobbo Latest News

Lawyer X, who was at the center of a police informant scandal in Victoria, can be named as Nicola Gobbo after judges denied a last-ditch attempt by police to continue protecting her identity.

Suppression orders protecting the 46-year-old’s identity lifted at 4.15pm on Friday by order of the Victorian court of appeal, which last week ruled against an application by Victoria police and Gobbo’s lawyers to extend the non-publication order.

The decision was confirmed on Thursday by the high court, which earlier last month extended suppression orders until 12 April.

However, other details remain suppressed.

Victoria Police have spent more than $4m in legal fees trying to protect her identity, saying that her life and that of her family would be at risk if her identity were to be published. In November, the high court ruled that the risk to Gobbo’s life was real but did not outweigh the risk to the integrity of the justice system if her past clients were not informed that their lawyer may have breached legal privilege and worked against them.


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