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Michelle Hackney Bio

Michelle Hackney is a 48 years old YouTuber woman known for the Fantastic Adventures. She is in police custody on suspicion of abusing her seven adopted children in Arizona. Prosecutors allege that Michelle Hackney abused the kids behind the cuddly image off-screen. Fantastic Adventures had family-friendly clips featuring siblings engaged in a range of seemingly innocent adventures. The show was popular on YouTube with the videos garnering more than 250 million views.

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Michelle Hackney Wiki/Bio

Age She is currently 48 years old
Youtube Channel Fantastic Adventures (Suspended)
Children Her biological sons are Logan and Ryan Hackney
Arrest & Charges She was arrested on15th, 2019 and charged with two counts of chlld molestation, child abuse, unlawful imprisonment, and child neglect

Michelle Hackney Children

Michelle Hackney has 7 adopted children. Her biological sons are Logan and Ryan Hackney.

Michelle Hackney Accusations

Michelle Hackney is accused of pepper-spraying and beating the kids with belts, brushes, and hangers.

The kids were forced to take ice baths and were required to stand with their arms raised above their heads from dawn to midnight.  According to court papers, Michelle Hackney is said to pinch one of the boys on the tip of his penis till he bled.

Michelle Hackney Charges and Arrest

Michelle Hackney was arrested on Friday, March 15th, 2019 and charged with two counts of chlld molestation, child abuse, unlawful imprisonment, and child neglect. Her adult sons, Logan and Ryan Hackney, also were arrested Friday. They face seven charges each. They are accused of failing to report the abuse of a minor.

The three are being held without bond. A spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s Office said they did not yet have an attorney.

Hackney denies using pepper spray and ice baths to punish the kids, but she admitted to police to spanking her children, grounding and made them stand in a corner.

Police found two cans of pepper spray in her bedroom. Ryan Hackney declined to speak with police following his arrest but  Logan Hackney admitted knowledge of the abuse and said he and his brother had discussed reporting their mother.

Michelle Hackney Youtube Channel

Hackney’s YouTube channel “Fantastic Adventures” had racked up more than 250 million views with its adorable cast of seven adopted children, silly topics and charmingly low-fi visual effects. The channel which has since been terminated posted a new video about once a week and boasts nearly 800,000 subscribers. With titles like “The FLOOR IS LAVA!” and “Escape The Babysitter!” each of the 10- to 15-minute episodes features the family of cute children in lightsaber battles, turning into superheroes or attempting to steal cookies.

Michelle Hackney Adoptive kids Claims

The kids were removed from school and forced to focus on the financially-lucrative YouTube videos.

The kids appeared malnourished, underweight and with pale complexions and dark rings under their eyes. One of the kids drank three 16-ounce bottles of water in 20 minutes once offered the chance to drink. the Interviewing police reported. Another child was reluctant to eat for fear of her mother’s wrath. A third child said she had not been allowed to eat in two days.

The children described being pepper-sprayed all over their faces and bodies, including their genitals, causing pain for days. When they resisted ice baths, they said, their mother would force their heads underwater.

According to court papers, They were frequently locked in the closet off their mother’s master bedroom, sometimes for as long as a week. The adopted children said Ryan would sometimes sneak them food when they were locked in the closet.

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