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Matt Colvin is a resident of Tennessee, where this practice is illegal under Tennessee code § 47-18-5101. Colvin’s account has already been suspended by Amazon for violating their price gouging policies, but he remains in possession of tens of thousands of dollars worth of desperately needed supplies.  In a statement, Amazon said:

Matt Colvin is the third-party Amazon merchant from Tennessee who stockpiled approximately 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer at the beginning of the U.S. coronavirus outbreak with the intention of selling them on the website.

Colvin quickly sold 300 bottles for $8 to $70 apiece, which is far beyond the normal cost for a bottle of hand sanitizer. But the day after those sales, Amazon suspended his account on the basis that his prices violated the website’s policy (more on that below).

That left Colvin with 17,700 hand sanitizer bottles he couldn’t sell online. He told the New York Times, “It’s been a huge amount of whiplash. From being in a situation where what I’ve got coming and going could potentially put my family in a really good place financially to ‘What the heck am I going to do with all of this?’” He later said he planned to donate the supplies amid a sharp public backlash.

Matt Colvin stayed home near Chattanooga, preparing for pallets of even more wipes and sanitizer he had ordered, and starting to list them on Amazon. Mr. Colvin said he had posted 300 bottles of hand sanitizer and immediately sold them all for between $8 and $70 each, multiples higher than what he had bought them for. To him, ‘it was crazy money.’ To many others, it was profiteering from a pandemic.”

Matt Colvin Wife, Children

Colvin is married to wife Brittany and has two children. His baby son, Logan, was pictured in the original New York Times story before it was removed. Colvin also has a young daughter named Kimberly. According to Colvin’s Facebook page and a search of online records, the family is based in the city of Dayton, Tennessee, which is located about 40 miles north of Chattanooga.

Matt Colvin Career, Net worth

Matt Colvin is a military veteran. He previously served in the Air Force as a technical sergeant, per the New York Times. According to the website for his company, “Speedy Items,” Colvin served for more than ten years. He wrote in the bio section that he was “medically retired” but did not go into detail about the injuries he may have sustained.

Colvin said that he focused on e-commerce as his full-time career. He wrote that he sold his first item online when he was 11 years and “have been fascinated with the power of the internet to drive commerce ever since.”

Matt Colvin Bought Every Hand Sanitizer Bottle Available

The Colvin brothers started by buying all of the available hand sanitizer bottles at various stores in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They told the New York Times Noah Colvin then drove more than 1,300 miles across Tennessee and Kentucky and stocked a U-Haul truck filled with hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. Matt Colvin, meanwhile, got ready to start selling on Amazon.

He had already begun capitalizing on coronavirus fears before the virus spread in the U.S. Colvin told the Times that in February, he purchased 2,000 “pandemic packs” containing face masks and sanitizer for $3.50 apiece and then resold them for about $50 on Amazon.

Matt Colvin Amazon Acct Suspended

Amazon has since intervened and removed those types of items, with their shocking sticker prices, from the website. The company explained in a blog post that it was taking its role amid the coronavirus outbreak seriously.

“We believe our role serving customers and the community during this time is a critical one, and we want to make sure people can get the items they need, when they need them. People may shop online at a greater rate due to the way COVID-19 spreads, so we are working to ensure that demand is met and, as always, if anything changes with our ability to meet a customer promise we will communicate directly with the impacted customer.

We’re also working to ensure that no one artificially raises prices on basic need products during this pandemic and have blocked or removed tens of thousands of items, in line with our long-standing policy. We actively monitor our store and remove offers that violate our policy.”

Amazon’s fair pricing policy includes the following language: “Amazon regularly monitors the prices of items on our marketplaces, including shipping costs, and compares them with other prices available to our customers. If we see pricing practices on a marketplace offer that harms customer trust, Amazon can remove the Buy Box, remove the offer, suspend the ship option, or, in serious or repeated cases, suspending or terminating selling privileges.”

Matt Colvin Statement for illegal price gouging of coronavirus supplies

Matt Colvin has argued that his actions did not amount to price-gouging, despite Amazon’s reaction. He argued to the New York Times that online buyers have to understand that he has to shoulder costs related to packaging and shipping the items, as well as the fee he has to pay Amazon for using the site.

But as of March 15, Colvin planned to donate the hand sanitizers. His website,, which used to include blog posts and contact information, now features a white screen with a one-sentence message. “The Hand Sanitizer in the NYT story is being donated to a local church and first responders tomorrow.”

Matt Colvin Backlash on Social Media

Matt Colvin has received a sharp backlash on social media since coming forward about his hand sanitizer activities. Many online commenters have called him and his brother Noah selfish for emptying stores while so many other people need the supplies.

But Colvin is facing much more than just online rage. The Tennessee Attorney General’s Office has ordered the Colvin brothers to stop selling any medically-related products. AG Herbert H Slatery issued a statement that was published by local NBC affiliate WSMV-TV: “We will not tolerate price gouging in this time of exceptional need, and we will take aggressive action to stop it. During this pandemic, we ask that you report suspicious activity to the Division of Consumer Affairs and refrain from threatening or hostile communication with individuals or businesses you may suspect are price gouging. Our team will review complaints closely and we are prepared to act to protect Tennesseans.”

Matt Colvin Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Matt Colvin’s Social Media accounts will be updated soon.

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