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Massimo Bordin Wiki

Massimo Bordin ( Rome , 18 August 1951 – Rome , 17 April 2019 ) was an Italian journalist .


As a young man, he joined the Fourth International and was for years a convinced Trotskyist .

Director of Radical Radio from 1991 to 31 July 2010, he edited Press and Regime from Monday to Friday , the press review dedicated to the political themes of the day. The program was also broadcast on video by RED TV for some time .

On 9 July 2010 he announced his resignation from the direction of Radio Radicale , due to incurable differences with his reference publisher, Marco Pannella . He will however continue to work for the magazine for which, for years, he would have been the interlocutor of Marco Pannella in the Sunday conversation with the radical leader.

He presented the weekly Middle Eastern column with the former deputy of the People of Freedom Fiamma Nirenstein and edited the Special Justice and the feature Dall’America edited by Giovanna Pajetta.

On 17 April 2019, Radio Radicale announced his death. He had long been suffering from a lung disease 


  • Silver Cup of the Saint-Vincent Cultural Center in May 2002
  • Antonio Russo Award for War Journalism in November 2002
  • In 2009 he won the Premiolino , radio section, with the following motivation: ” the colleague who for years has been waking us up every morning with his punctual, professional and biting press reviews, chiselling the facts with opinions of rare libertarian acumen “.

Death and Cause

died yesterday at 67, was a friend. There was much more in his life, but the relationship with listeners had become so narrow that it was now more than a press review, he seemed like an analysis period, with us lying on the bed and telling stories and deeds of the news and politics. His comments are often sarcastic, punctual, but always elegant, refined.

Cultured and refined journalist

Bordin has always been so, a cultured and elegant journalist, extremely intelligent, who has become known to most, especially for the endless conversations with Marco Pannella. A stream of consciousness, that of Pannella, constantly interrupted by the only person who in every phase can follow and understand the twisted speech of the great radical. Bordin was subjected to some kind of terrific torture, rising only in 201

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