Maroon 5 Super Bowl halftime show: 5 important questions, from SpongeBob to shirtless Adam Levine


Adam Levine

Following quite a while discussion surrounding the Super Bowl halftime appear, in which numerous demonstrations allegedly turned down space in solidarity with the previous quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Maroon 5, at last, made that big appearance on Sunday night with Travis Scott and Big Boi. Furthermore, it was ..Adam Levine… incredibly agreeable.

No, Scott did not propose to Kylie Jenner, in spite of the very unmistakable talk. Rather, he got a concise measure of time in front of an audience, as did Big Boi, while Maroon 5 went through their rundown of most noteworthy hits: “Harder to Breathe,” “She Will Be Loved,” “This Love,” “Sugar,” “Young ladies Like You” and “Moves Like Jagger.”

Here are five imperative inquiries we have about the show:

1. What was up with the “SpongeBob SquarePants” appearance?

Confounded about the brief “SpongeBob” scene that filled in as an introduction for Scott’s “Sicko Mode”? You are not the only one. After the show’s maker, Stephen Hillenburg, died the previous fall, grieving fans began an online crusade for “Sweet Victory,” a tune from a 2001 scene about a game called the Bubble Bowl, to be played amid the halftime execution.

“As a tribute to his heritage, his commitments to an age of youngsters, and to genuinely exhibit the enormity of this tune, we call for Sweet Victory to be performed at the Halftime Show,” reads a petition with more than 1 million marks. What’s more, despite the fact that the makers simply played a clasp, it (sort of) worked!

2. For what reason was Adam Levine shirtless?

Truly, the better inquiry is most likely: When is the Maroon 5 frontman not shirtless? “I simply love being as stripped as conceivable constantly — it feels extremely normal to me,” Levine revealed to Out magazine in 2011. He flaunts his full-body tattoos and abs so much that he even jabbed fun at this habit on “Saturday Night Live” in 2013 when, obviously, he removed his shirt.

Anyway, Levine adhered to custom here: He began in a long dark coat, at that point went to a tracksuit, at that point a tank best, and after that no shirt at all. Adam Levine at the Super Bowl halftime appear. (Mike Zarrilli/EPA)

3. Truly, where was Andre 3000?!

Another gossip was that Andre 3000 would be an unexpected visitor and rejoin with Big Boi for an Outkast get-together — a probability that had fans extremely energized. And keeping in mind that Big Boi made a sprinkle amid the show, escorted onto the field in a vehicle and wearing a huge fur garment while rapping “The Way You Move,” an Outkast gathering was not intended to be: Andre 3000 was mysteriously gone.

4. What amount did the gospel vocalist upstage Adam Levine?

Cardi B is highlighted on Maroon 5′s “Young ladies Like You,” however she told the Associated Press she declined the opportunity to join the show since she needed to “remain behind” Kaepernick, who hasn’t played in the NFL since he stooped amid the national song of devotion in the 2016 season to dissent police severity. “I got the chance to forfeit a great deal of cash to perform. Be that as it may, there’s a man who relinquished his activity for us, so we got the opportunity to remain behind him,” Cardi B told AP.

Rather, a gospel choir and drum line joined Maroon 5 for “Young ladies Like You,” however the principle female artist who joined Levine effectively obscured his vocal capacities and quickly inspired tweets asking if she could assume control over the show.

5. For what reason was Travis Scott wearing a fanny pack?

Scott just got a couple of minutes in front of an audience solo, and for a large portion of it, individuals on social media were very distracted by this mold decision.

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