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Lauren Blanchard Biography

Lauren Blanchard was born on October 13th, 1990. She is a Fox News journalist renown as one of the most prominent national correspondents on the channel. She has spent her whole career in the Rupert Murdoch-owned network, but it was Blanchard’s coverage of Bernie Sanders’ campaign during the 2016 presidential elections placed her among the best reporters on the field.

Lauren Blanchard Age
She was Born on October 13, 1990 (Age is 27 as of 2018/19)
Lauren Blanchard Occupation Fox News journalist
Lauren Blanchard Husband Not Married

Blanchard claims to have a healthy bond with her parents. She has two brothers and is the only girl in the Blanchard family.

Lauren Blanchard Education

Blanchard attended the University of Michigan in 2008. She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Communications.

Lauren Blanchard Fox News

Lauren worked as an intern at the Fox News Washington D.C. bureau as part of the Fox News Channel University program before she graduated.

She, later on, landed a job at the network. After graduating, she moved to D.C. to work as a desk assistant in Fox News’ production room.

After working for four months, Blanchard landed a role on Fox News Sunday as a production assistant. Lauren worked in both production and writing for the show and even prepared the show’s graphics.

In 2014, Blancard was assigned as a junior reporter for Fox News this made her to briefly move to Iowa for two years. She, later on, moved back at the Washington bureau, this time as a correspondent.

Lauren was assigned as a 2016 presidential campaign embed for her first major assignment as a national correspondent. She covered Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign up until the Democratic primaries.

Lauren Blanchard Salary

A correspondent at the Fox News receives an average of $102,080, salary varies from $93,653 to $109,739 with the top earnings being more than $117,854 including bonus, equity, and additional payments. Lauren has been in Fox News since August 2016 so she is likely drawing above average salary.

Lauren Blanchard Husband

Lauren not married currently married. There is no record of her dating information.

Lauren Blanchard Pet

Lauren is a huge cat lover and enthusiast. She is even known as cat mom for her unceasing love for the pet. Her cat is named Isabel. She often flaunts Isabel on her social media accounts.

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