Joanna Dennehy Bio

Joanna Dennehy: Serial Killer will look at the killings of 3 men in Peterborough by using Dennehy in 2013, as well as her subsequent trial.

Reid will try to explore the attitude of the psychopathic and deranged Dennehy, who has by no means proven any remorse for her actions, or even laughed as her crimes have been examining to her in court docket.

in case you’re not aware of Dennehy’s crimes, get prepared for a quite shocking tale.

She’s regularly defined as ‘Britain’s maximum dangerous lady’ and that is truly now not that hard to believe. as well as displaying no remorse, she additionally relentlessly demoralized her sufferers, even in the loss of life, over the route of her 10-day killing spree.


She’s one among just a few girls ever to accept a full life sentence in prison.

one in all her unfortunate sufferers became a person known as Kevin Lee. Dennehy murdered him and put his stays in a ditch, stripped bare from the waist down but wearing a black dress on his top.

Psychopath specialist Dr Jeremy bloodless defined: “His body was located in that manner to degrade him and get pleasure and pleasure from the humiliation of him even after he becomes lifeless.”

in addition to Lee, Dennehy also murdered men known as John Chapman and Lukasz Slaboszewski, whose stays had been observed in any other drainage ditch.

notwithstanding the police expecting to discover extra bodies, none were discovered at some stage in their research following Dennehy’s arrest.

in the documentary, Susanna speaks to individuals who knew Dennehy in addition to sufferers, cops, and the father of Joanna’s youngsters.

At one factor, one in all Dennehy’s contacts – Mark Lloyd – talks openly about how he concept that the murderer turned into going to kill him.

He tells Susanna: “Joanna’s long gone right in the front of me, pulled the knife out of her bra and said, ‘you know Gary, he is the taxi motive force, he dumps our bodies, i am going around killing people.’ i used to be terrified,

“I had to convince her i was onside. I assume she would have killed me without hesitation.”

in addition to first-hand bills, the documentary may even feature CCTV footage, telephone calls, and paperwork at the course to looking to apprehend the reasons of the evil female.

As cited in advance in this newsletter, if you need a piece of that, it is on ITV at 9pm this nighttime. no longer for the faint hearted, that is for positive.

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