Jacson Pineda-Chicas Bio

The victim of the brutal attack was a 16-year-old high school student. Cops identified Jacson Pineda-Chicas this week after releasing a photo of a tattoo on his left arm, Tribune Media reported.

Jacson Pineda-Chicas Maryland

Maryland police say five MS-13 gang members stabbed one of their own 100 times and drove the body to Virginia where they set it on fire.

Jacson Pineda-Chicas Found Body

His body was found dumped on the side of the road in Stafford, Va., March 9.

Jacson Pineda-Chicas Police Report

Police in Prince George’s County said in a news release that the teen was killed in a home 60 miles away in Landover Hills, Md., that belonged to the leader of a Virgina MS-13 clique.

Jacson Pineda-Chicas Murderer Charges

Cops charged the clique leader Jose Ordonez-Zometa, 29, with participating in the murder.

The other suspects and Pineda-Chicas drove to Ordonez-Zometa’s home for a meeting March 8, police said.

“To hear somebody was stabbed 100 times, per the medical examiner, pretty much speaks for itself how violent the attack would have been,” Maj. Brian Reilly said Friday at a news conference.

He said investigators still don’t know why Pineda-Chicas was targeted for death by his friends.

MS-13 murder victim Jacson Pineda-Chicas

Cops identified MS-13 murder victim Jacson Pineda-Chicas, 16, this week after releasing a photo of a tattoo on his left arm. (Stafford County Sheriff’s Office)

NBC 4 Washington reported speaking on Thursday to Pineda-Chicas’ mother who said her son was being threatened after saying he didn’t want to be an MS-13 gang member anymore.

The woman, who was not identified, told the station that when his gang pals accused him of talking to cops, they threatened to kill his family. He told them to kill him instead.

“He had to take knives to defend himself, and screwdrivers,” she told the station. “He had razors and he told me, ‘Mom, I’m going to defend myself with them, but it’s not going to be enough.’

She said they fled El Salvador after her son was forced to join MS-13 there.

Jacson Pineda-Chicas Suspect Killers Names

Police said the others suspects in the case were Jonathan Castillo-Rivera, 20; Kevin Rodriguez-Flores, 18; Christian Martinez-Ramirez, 16, and Jose Hernandez-Garcia, 25.

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