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Ingé Kirsten Biography, Ingé Kirsten Wiki

Ingé Kirsten from Newcastle urged people to follow rules for social distancing and self-isolation as she said she will not get to see her daughter Macey for a fortnight.

The 36-year-old call centre worker, who suffers from a heart condition, shared the message in devastating footage of her on a ventilator in hospital.

Ingé Kirsten Age

She is 36 years old.

Ingé Kirsten Coronavirus

Ingé Kirsten is the mother who is struggling to breathe as she fights suspected coronavirus has begged the country to take the killer illness seriously. She said neighbors had left care packages at her door as she self-isolates and battles the deadly infection.

The mother of one, who first noticed symptoms the day after her birthday last Thursday, is living away from ten-year-old Macey, who has also had to self-isolate.

She has been prescribed paracetamol and steroids and left to face the bug on her own at home.

Ms. Kirsten is suspected to have coronavirus but was sent home from the hospital without being tested.

Ingé Kirsten Statement

Speaking about people ignoring social distancing, she told the Mirror: ‘I think it’s really bad. I don’t think people have realized how serious it is. I’m sure no one would want themselves or their loved ones in this position or worse.

‘Why aren’t pubs or bars realizing the impact that they are having by staying open? Why would people put their lives and others at risk? It’s bizarre to me.

‘I think people think they’re immune to it. No one is. It’s doesn’t discriminate who it takes hold of.’

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Ingé Kirsten from Newcastle urged people to follow rules for social distancing
  • The 36-year-old, who suffers from heart condition, shared the message in a clip
  • She can be seen on a ventilator in a hospital as she fights the killer coronavirus