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Grace Millane Wiki: Grace Millane is a British backpacker missing in New Zealand since 1 December 2018.

Grace Millane was last seen in the center of the city of Auckland, a major city on New Zealand’s North Island, on Saturday. Grace Millane had been in New Zealand for two weeks and was staying at a hostel in Auckland.

The missing person investigation team had tracked Grace Millane entering the four-star City Life Hotel on Queen Street in central Auckland at 9.41pm on 1 December with a male companion. It is the last confirmed sighting of Grace Millane.

Grace Millane is from Essex and graduated with a degree in advertising and marketing from the University of Lincoln in September 2018.

Grace Millane Age

She is 22 years old.

Grace last made contact with her family last Saturday, December 1. She was formally reported missing on Wednesday, December 5.

She was in New Zealand as part of a year-long trip around the world, having started in Peru, then arrived in New Zealand on November 20.

Her father David has flown to New Zealand, where he today gave a press conference.

He said: “I would just like to take this opportunity to appeal to anybody who has seen, spoken to or come into contact with Grace Millane over the last few days to come forward with any detail, no matter how small, and contact the investigation team.”

DI Beard said the investigation into Grace Millane’s disappearance was ‘progressing rapidly’.

He said: “As part of our investigation, we have reviewed the hours and hours of CCTV footage and this will continue throughout the weekend. We now have a last known sighting of Grace Millane at 9.41pm at the Citylife Hotel, on Saturday, December 1, with a male companion.”

Speaking about the ‘location of interest’ being searched at the hotel, he added: “I understand there will be lots of questions about what we are doing at the Citylife and exactly why we are there. However, this is an ongoing investigation and I am not able to discuss this aspect further at this time.”

Grace Millane’s father today said: “Grace Millane is a lovely, outgoing, fun-loving, family-orientated daughter. Grace has never been out of contact for this amount of time and is usually in daily contact with either her mother, myself or her two brothers.

“We are all extremely upset and it is very difficult at this time to fully describe the range of emotions we are all going through.”

*Anybody with information was asked to contact police in New Zealand by dialing 09 302 6970.

In view of the Auckland Police Officer’s Grace Millane has died are murdered by someone and try to find his dead body.

Grace Millane Wiki

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