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Genavieve Linkowski is a contestant on season 18 of American Idol whom fans may recognize because this is not her first time appearing on the show. On Sunday, March 1, she’ll compete once again for a spot in Hollywood, so here’s what you need to know about her ahead of her second shot at stardom.

In their first American Idol video package, the family talked about the battle of Tamara with heart problems, which basically stopped Genavieve’s dream of being a professional musician on his tracks.

“When I was 12, my mother ended up with heart failure for the first time,” Genavieve said, and her mother added: “She has always wanted to sing since I was young, and when my health failed, all her dreams stopped.”

“I definitely had to set aside my singing goals and be the mother and be there for my brothers, and I am grateful to have had the honor of doing so,” Genavieve said.

“Genavieve, I would be at home all day, taking care of the children, educating the children, feeding them, bathing them, putting them to bed,” says Tamara, adding: “She did everything in her power so that I could work in the healing”. me and it happened My prayer now is that your dreams come true and this is your moment. ”

Family and Early Life

Craig and Tamara Linkowski of Atlas Township, which is near Goodrich, Michigan, are the parents to Genavieve and her nine siblings. The two homeschooled all 10 of their children and once she was old enough, Genavieve helped homeschool her younger siblings, according to a profile in the Tri-County Times in Fenton, Michigan.

Tamara went to the University of Michigan-Flint and is now self-employed, working for Healthy Treats Market. Craig is currently a quality engineer at Kay Premium Marking Films USA, which is a self-adhesive vinyl film and other coated plastic film manufacturer based out of the United Kingdom with plants in Michigan and Mexico. Their 10 children are Genavieve, Corinn, Isaac, Joshua, Grace, Amanda Jean, Abraham, Jacob, Hadassah, and Adeline.

The Linkowski family hosted a watch party at Goodrich High School. They invited all members of the community, including first responders,
especially the ones on the scene who tried desparately to save Corrin Linkowski’s life in February of 2019.

“Just to get to hug them and tell them, ‘Thank you for your service,’ and to know that they had a part in trying to save my sister’s life, gosh that means so much to be like I will forever be thankful for them,” Linkowski said.

The first responders included the firefighters, police officers, and medical staff.

Between first responders and community members, there were about 400 people cheering on Linkowski during the watch party.

Linkowski says she received the unexpected call at a McDonald’s on her way to a concert when the casting producer of American Idol called. She was asking her if she knew other singers interested in auditioning for the show, but then asked if she would want to return.

She says she had to think about it because she was taking a break after her sister’s tragic death, but after a lot of thought and time discussing with her family, she made the decision to return.

“Things are much different. Genavieve didn’t even want to sing anymore because her partner is gone now. How can you get up and continue life without your other half? And that’s what Corrin was, so when American Idol called her, I feel like that was kick start to get back up and sing, and now she’s on full force,” Tamara Linkowski, Genavieve’s mother said.

Genavieve Linkowski Sister Corinn Linkowski Death

On February 13, 2019, tragedy struck the Linkowski family when they lost their second-oldest child, Corinn. The 18-year-old lost control of her car and was involved in a head-on collision with a truck on a highway outside of town. She died four days later after suffering severe head injuries.

At the memorial service, Isaac called his sister Corinn his “best friend” and Genavieve said she was “the purest 18-year-old that I’ve ever known,” according to the Flint Journal.

“She loved the Lord with all her heart, soul, mind and strength and her only desire was to give God’s glory to the world, to show it across the nations,” said Genevieve.

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