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Corinne Magoveny Terrone was born on April 20th, 1978. She is a former Hamden Public Schools employee who was reported to state child protective services authorities after she was caught on video repeatedly cursing and screaming the n-word at an African-American couple while shopping in an East Haven Shop Rite supermarket in Connecticut, US.

Corinne Terrone Racist Tirade in Connecticut Store Caught on Video

Following the racial spat captured on video, Terrone resigned from her position with the Hamden school district on March 16th.

Corinne Terrone Trivia Quick Info

Corinne Terrone Quick Wiki/Bio
Born She was born on April 20th, 1978 (Age 40 as of 2019)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Children 2 children
Nationality American
Husband No Marriage record available

In a video shared by Facebook user Tatiana Winn on Saturday, March 16th, Terrone can be seen with two young children who she identifies as “my kids.” The video commences with Terrone screaming, “…I will. Don’t you dare talk to me like that in front of my children motherfucker.” A few words are inaudible until she’s heard saying “they’re fucking ni**ers in East Haven, that’s why.”

The video has shared all over the internet, has been viewed by millions. The original post has more than 5,000 comments, the overwhelming majority are ones of outrage.

The man to whom she was directing her rage can be seen heading toward Terrone as people he’s with hope to calm him down, saying, “Don’t do it.” But Terrone yells, “put your hands on me. Come on. Come on,” and then points her phone close to his face as if to record. Another man attempts to get between them when the first man pushed the phone out of her hand and walks away.

But Terrone hurries after him shouting, “Oh you motherfuc*er, you motherfuc*er. That’s why there are ni**ers in East Haven. And when a person who appears to be a store employee comes toward her Terrone yells: “Fuck you. ni**er.”

Terrone comes at the couple and spits at them twice.

Corinne Terrone tirade on 911 Calls

In the unedited version of 911 calls by Terrone to The East Haven Police Department first released Heavy, As per the calls, she was full of explicit, numerous racist epithets and foul language.

“The first call placed was made in error to the Easton, CT police department. On the recordings, she continues her hate-filled speech to a police dispatcher who finally advises her that she has called the wrong police department.”

In this brief call, she begins to tell the dispatcher what occurred and when she was told she needed to hold on, she shouted: “Don’t you dare put me on hold. Oh, Jesus Christ.”

School officials have contacted the Connecticut Department of Children and Families because of the “traumatic” event. There’s widespread condemnation of Terrone but others request to know the two sides of the story. At the end of the video, Terrone is seen spitting toward the couple twice as she shouts the racist slurs.

It was reported Monday night that Terrone “was taken by New Haven police for an involuntary mental evaluation.

What Charges does Corinne Terrone Face?

Police Lieutenant Joseph Murgo said he contacted Winn and the victims in the video but “received no response.” He said a reporter indicated the people did not want to “come forward for whatever personal reasons they may have.”

“…we are interested in exploring criminal charges and that we want the recipient of these vicious slurs and spitting to come forward,” Murgo said.

Corinne Terrone Children

Terrone had her two children with her at the store who can be seen in the video taken in the supermarket. Two grade-school-age girls. In the video, the youngest appears to be worried.

School officials have contacted the Connecticut Department of Children and Families because of the “traumatic” event.

The Hamden school superintendent said that since “We hope that her children receive the support they need after witnessing such a traumatic event.”

Terrone house location was shared following the incident with some in the comments sections condemning those who revealed where she lived due to the safety of her children. Others quickly said she put her children in danger when she did what she did.

Hamden Schools Statement

On Saturday morning, March 16th, Hamden Schools Superintendent Jody Goeler released a statement condemning the incident involving one of their now former employee, Corinne Terrone.

A statement from the school district said Terrone “has resigned from her position.” She was a Hamden Public Schools central office administrative clerk.

A message was sent to Hamden schools families that said in part, that Terrone was identified, and contacted to come in for an “investigatory” meeting. But “shortly after final arrangements were made today for the investigatory meeting the employee tendered her resignation effective immediately.”

The district says the “language (Terrone) used in the video is in conflict with the values” of the school district and “someone who will use that sort of language in any setting whether public or private is not someone we want anywhere near our children.”

Town of Hamden Mayor’s Statement

The mayor of Hamden said in a statement posted on Facebook that “What I saw was vile and shocking.”

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