Bob Massi Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife (Lynn Massi), Cause of Death, The Property Man

Bob Massi Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife (Lynn Massi), Cause of Death, The Property Man

Bob Massi Wiki, Bob Massi Bio

Bob Massi Wiki

Feb. 2019 Bob Massi, FOX5 legal analyst, valley attorney Bob Massi dies aged 66 from Cancer

Bob Massi Education

Bob graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s University and St Mary’s University School of Law. He initially fancied with making a decision on whether to pursue law or medicine and eventually settled for law.

Bob Massi Biography

Bob Massi was Born in Pittsburgh. He became a television personality, author, radio host, and public speaker with his incisive insight and shrewd wit. Bob began practicing law in 1980 and provided legal counsel and representation in the areas of personal injury, real estate, business law, Wills, Trusts, and probate.

A statement on Massi company’s website read: “My greatest satisfaction comes not from being a legal expert in the media, but rather from working face to face with my clients daily to solve real-life issues. My gift is being able to convert intimidating legalese into understandable, workable strategies and resolutions.”

Massi also hosted a television show, “Bob Massi is the Property Man” on Fox Business Network.

As a private civil litigation attorney, Massi represented clients in the areas of personal injury, business, real estate, wills, and trusts and consulting. He won personal injury lawsuits against auto manufacturers, nursing homes, commercial food preparers, and medical professionals.

He reported on a number of high-profile trials some of which include the OJ Simpson murder case, the Michael Jackson trial, the JonBenet Ramsey case, the Timothy McVeigh trial, and Scott Peterson’s murder trial. He also covered breaking courthouse news involving Paris Hilton, David Copperfield, Anna Nicole Smith, Barry Bonds, and countless others. We update all data about Bob Massi wiki, Bob Massi Biography, how old is and who is Bob Massi from a reliable source.

Bob Massi Radio Program

His talk radio program, Your Legal Hour with Bob Massi on KDOX 1280-AM in Las Vegas was on the air for 20 years and was heard by thousands of listeners on a weekly basis.

Bob Massi Book

Massi wrote the book “People Get Screwed All the Time: Protecting Yourself from Scams Fraud,” “Identity Theft,” “Fine Print and More” which was published by HarperCollins books in 2007.

Bob Massi Wife (Lynn Massi), Children

Massi wife was Lynn Massi, and their residence was in Henderson, Nevada. They have two sons together named Dominic and Robert Massi Jr.

Massi’s son Robert Jr. lives in Henderson, Nevada and attended UNLV Boyd School of Law and currently works as a lawyer at Massi & Massi with his father. His focal point there is on personal injury law, business law, wills, and trusts. Robert Jr. got married in 2009 to Diana Massi, and she worked at Our Lady of Las Vegas Catholic School.

Dominic Massi their second son also lives in Henderson, Nevada and attended St. Mary’s College of California. For 15 years he has been working alongside his father as his insurance business, Massi Insurance Consulting is located inside his father’s practice. Dominic is married to his wife Ashley Massi, she works at Rodan + Fields as a premier level V Lexus achiever. The couple has two kids together. Bob has a daughter named Genna Massi, and she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Massi likes relaxing and playing golf and working out when is not busy with his work.

Bob Massi Death and Cause

A family friend said Massi had cancer.

Massi had run a law firm in Las Vegas since 1980. He started his television career at KLAS-TV doing a segment called “Legal Ease” in 1985. He later went on to work as a legal analyst for Fox News Channel covering some high-profile legal cases, such as the Scott Peterson trial.

He also had shows on Fox called “Shattered Dreams” and “Property Man” that dove into real estate issues.

According to his biography, he leaves behind a wife, a daughter and two sons.

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