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Victoria Murphy Wiki

Victoria Murphy, 25, employs 15 cleaners to work in the nude in the Edinburgh. Her team, including three men – charge between £55 and £75 an hour for their service, depending on the level of nudity.

Victoria Murphy Education and Work

With a diploma in occasions control and a sturdy work ethic, Victoria changed into keen to begin a commercial enterprise with an unusual particular selling point and started thinking about the grown-up service area.

Beautician Victoria Murphy

Then running as a beautician, she stumbled across an American enterprise imparting a naked cleansing service, and the concept for Glimmer changed into born.

Glimmer Victoria Murphy

going for walks her commercial enterprise single-handedly, Victoria has high pursuits for Glimmer and is now recruiting bare cleaners in Glasgow and Aberdeen, pronouncing that after she has conquered Scotland, she will be able to clean up across the rest of the UK.

Get Glimmer Victoria

Glimmer gives 3 tiers of person cleansing – with a service in undies or underclothes beginning at £55 according to hour, topless cleansing costing £65 an hour and definitely bare cleansing at £75 for the hour.

Victoria and Cleaning Employees

‘None of my body of workers ever have to do something they do not feel secure with,’ Victoria delivered. ‘The consumer will pick out the option they pick and i will match the purifier to that desire.’

Cleaner Victoria Clients

Victoria admits that their 20 everyday customers and 15 who ebook an occasional clean, have completely shattered her preconceptions approximately the form of man or woman she imagined would use the service.

Victoria Explain Cleaner Work

I do spend quite a few time explaining to human beings that this is a serious cleansing business, too. We easy to a totally high widespread. the majority ask what the client does whilst the cleaner is running

Victoria Cleaner job Criteria

i am nevertheless working component-time as a beautician doing nails primarily, but i am decided to make achievement of this commercial enterprise, so I do paintings really tough,” she stated. “I do socialize with my buddies and exit and i like taking Louis [her dog] for a protracted stroll, but I run every issue of the business and so, really, i have little or no free time outdoor paintings.