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Anna Conkey Bio

Anna Conkey has been identified as the 31-year-old woman who walked into a church in San Diego holding her 10-month-old baby and a handgun. Conkey interrupted an Easter Day service being held in the auditorium of the Mount Everest Academy on Sunday morning. The pastor, Benjamin Wisan said Conkey had attended the church before but had left. In fact, Conkey has had negative interactions with her church in the past, and this is not the first time that church members have called the police on her.


On Sunday, the pastor said that Conkey seemed confused and he described her as being “not in her right mind.” He said that instead of speaking, Conkey was just uttering random words, and that nobody could understand what she wanted.

Alert parishioners tackled Conkey and removed her weapon. The pastor said that the gun turned out to be unloaded, although police have not confirmed that. Conkey was taken away by police and her baby was taken into protective custody.

1. She Said God Told Her She Was an Apostle & Ordered Her to Give a Message to Her Church

On April 15, about a week before Anna Conkey showed up at Mount Everest Academy with a gun, she made a Facebook post talking about how God had appointed her to give the church a message. She said that she went to the church to deliver this message — but instead of listening, the church called the police and ordered her to leave.

Conkey said “I didn’t do anything. I guess when I said that I God told me I’m his messenger, and an apostle, and a prophet, and according to the Bible, the apostle has more power than the teacher…I was sent there for a reason.”

Conkey went on to talk about the “message” which she said God had entrusted to her. She explained that, in her view, the curses set out in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy have come to pass today. She said that because human beings have stopped being obedient to God’s will, they’ve been cursed with fevers, short lives, and even sun burns.