Alberto Cortez Bio

Alberto Cortez was an Argentine singer and songwriter. Cortez and his wife lived in Madrid.

Born: March 11, 1940, Rancul, Argentina
Died: April 4, 2019
Nationality: Argentine
Spouse: Renee Govaerts (m. 1964)

Alberto Cortez Biography

Alberto Cortez was born on 11 March 1940 and died on 4 April 2019. He has died at the age of 79.

Cortez was born in Rancul, La Pampa Province, Argentina. He began elementary school at the Alberto Williams conservatory at the age of six.

He began composing songs at twelve, including “Un cigarrillo, la lluvia y tú”. Later he entered Manuel Ignacio Molina de San Rafael Junior High School in Mendoza province. There he continued his studies of music at the Chopin of San Rafael conservatory.

At seventeen, Cortez became the singer of the Arizona orchestra, where he was known as Chiquito García. At eighteen, he went to study in the Social Sciences and Law School of Buenos Aires and sang in bars to help himself with his studies.

Later Cortez began to sing in the orchestra of Mario Cardi and was contracted to sing in the San Francisco jazz orchestra. He traveled all over the country with them and began to use his pseudonym “Alberto Cortez” while singing with the orchestra of Armando Pointier. Cortez dropped out of school and dedicated himself fully to music.

Aged twenty, Cortez travelled to Antwerp, Belgium where he recorded his first album. His record “Sucu Sucu” reached number one.

Cortez met Renee Govaerts and later married her. After a difficult start he consolidated himself as one of the more renowned composer-singers of Latin America with hits like “Mi árbol y yo”, “Mariana”, “Como el primer día”, “A partir de mañana” and “Callejero”.

Alberto Cortez Career

His first album was recorded in the Belgian city of Antwerp. From there, Cortez eventually settled in Madrid in 1967. Cortez regularly toured in the United States, Latin America and across Spain. He was honored in 2007 with a Latin Grammy Award for musical excellence. While in 2015, Cortez was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts from the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

La Nacion referred to Cortez as “The singer of simple things” in their feature on the singer’s death. He had been born Jose Alberto Garcia Gallo in the town of Rancul, 400 miles west for of Buenos Aires, close to the Chilean border.

In 1996, Cortez suffered a stroke due to heart issues while he was performing in Mar del Plata. Pagina 12 reports that at the time, Cortez was clinically dead before being revived. His health was such a national issue that the then-president of Argentina, Carlos Menem, got involved to ensure that Cortez was given the best medical treatment available.

Alberto Cortez Cause of Death

He died this Thursday in Madrid, far from his homeland, but Argentina cries to one of its most beloved artists and poets, Alberto Cortez, whom they thank for ”his poems made songs”.
Death surprised him when he was about to perform a series of concerts in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico he was forced to suspend. He was active at the age of 79, doing what he was most passionate about.

With more than 40 albums back, a Grammy award for musical excellence, four books and two films, the author of Cuando un amigo se va( When a Friend Goes Away)is venerated in his homeland, where Argentines say goodbye with heartfelt words and thank him for his brilliance.

The television, radio and digital media of this southern nation dedicate ample space to the musician, creator of pieces such as Castillos en el aire (Castles in the Air) or Como el ave solitaria (Like a Lonely Bird), to name a few.

Argentine Association of Actors mourned his death and sent condolences to his family , friends and the musical community on twitter.

‘How sad the death of one of the great singers and composers of this blessed country. Alberto Cortez’s music will live forever’, one of the many admirers who give him eternal thanks wrote on that social media.

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